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After having a complete cycle from the committed life of an ideological political worker following Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto  and having served as a minister heading  13 departments 1970-1977, A leader of the opposition in 1988-1991, President of the Pakistan People’s Party in Punjab Province. The chairman of the National Industrial Relations Commission as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan heading the labour judiciary and the powerful labour unions and labour movement in the length and breadth of the country. In the year 2006 I decided to call it quits and to create a park on 250 Acres of land belonging to me as my property. The object of this major decision was my observation that the people of the country are becoming Aliens to the nature and its beauty.  Our cities are being constructed without Green areas, parks and the play grounds. Therefore our younger nation is growing up as machines without emotions, sentiments and feelings. We are more robots and less human. Being close to nature shapes our personality full of warmth, respect and Co-existence with other beings. The green colours of plants laced with hues of different shades and moods, Bamboo plants and shrubs and herbs. The quit atmosphere and music of solitude affects your soul. The bamboo jungle according to proverbs of various saints is a source to comfort the tortured body and soul to peace and calm. We provide all this with guaranteed security. We have rooted out Thara culture from the Park. We have negated the use of foul and filthy language in the park. Families and females are safe from cheap street behavior. We provide clean and peaceful full days outing to families, Educational institutions, office groups, Corporate sector, Parties and other function. We attract people from overseas, other provinces, And other remotest of the remote areas. We sell them at best rates the happiness, Peace and Tranquility. We provide happiness and health with peace and comfort. The mammoth man made jungle of bamboos is a gigantic effort of courage, struggle and determination to fight against the great looming threat of global warming to our Earth and Pakistan in particular perhaps the only project in Pakistan all at personal cost. The Chief Executive has converted this piece of waste land into heaven through personal efforts and expenses. The object of this creative effort with
the blessings of God and his direction is to provide clean, Natural, pollution free and noise free peaceful environment to the students, teachers, men and women of all ages. The visit is a full one day adventure to fully absorb the impact.


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